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Archive for January 11th, 2016

Want to list all iptables rules with line numbers? Try iptables -L -n -v –l…

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/01/11

Want to list all iptables rules with line numbers? Try

iptables -L -n -v –line-numbers

#Linux #Sysadmin – nixCraft – Google+

Source: Want to list all iptables rules with line numbers? Try iptables -L -n -v –l…

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ZFS, SuperMicro, ESXi passthrough, CrashPlan and other links

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/01/11

Some great blog entries to read:



All of the above are somehow related to the Superserver SYS-5028D-TNT4.

When looking at some pictures from the above posts, then an M1015 HBA should be perfect for ZFS (lots of results for ESXi M1015 HBA PCI VMDirectPath IO pass through, and they still seem to be the way to go for ZFS).

There might be a need for extra cooling; for some ideas: Cooling for m1015 Raid Card – [H]ard|Forum

Below are other ServerRAID OEM possibilities supporting 8 internal devices (chipset in parentheses) via:

12 Gbps adapters:

  • EUR ~180: ServeRAID N2215 (SAS3008)
    • EUR ~300: LSI 9300-8i (LSI00344)
  • EUR ~200: ServeRAID M5120 (SAS3008)
  • ServeRAID M5210e (SAS3008)

6 Gbps adapters:

3 Gbps adapters:

  • ServeRAID MR10i (SAS1078)
  • ServeRAID BR10i (SAS1068e)
  • ServeRAID BR10il v2 (SAS1068e)


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Default ID and Password on a 9500 MFP device – HP Support Forum – 126122

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/01/11

If I ever need to perform a COLD RESET of my HP CLJ9500, then these are the steps to follow, thanks sm00257 for posting them, same for the post by Kenneth Chan_2. Both quoted the service manual page 99.

You can choose to reset the HP JetDirect as well (either remove it so it won’t get reset or keep it in place to get it reset).

Cold reset

The cold reset clears all data from the printer memory and returns all of the defaults to the factory settings.

CAUTION Performing a cold reset resets the Jetdirect print server configuration. To avoid making changes to your network configuration, remove the HP Jetdirect print server before performing a cold reset.

Note The HP color LaserJet 9500mfp uses numeric buttons to accomplish the functions of the arrow and select buttons on the HP color LaserJet 9500 printer. On the MFP use the numeric button 3 as UPARROW, numeric button 5 as RETURN , numeric button 6 as TICK, and numeric button 9 as DOWNARROW on the MFP.

Note If possible, print a configuration page and menu map before performing a cold reset. This documents the current settings for later reference.

To perform a cold reset

  1. Turn off the printer, and then turn the printer on again.
  2. Press and hold TICK (the 6 button on the MFP) during the memory count.
  3. Continue to hold TICK (the 6 button on the MFP) until all three control panel lights illuminate steadily, and then release TICK (the 6 button on the MFP).
  4. When SELECT LANGUAGE appears on the control panel, press DOWNARROW (the 9 button on the MFP).
  5. COLD RESET appears.
  6. Press TICK (the 6 button on the MFP) while COLD RESET appears on the control panel. The cold reset is complete.



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