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Archive for January 8th, 2016

TomTom RDS-TMC Antennas FAQ

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/01/08

Too bad my TomTom XXL IQ 540SWE won’t work with a model 4V00.014 RDS/TMC FM antenna (which sits in-between the USB charger cable and the TomTom)

That would have been a really nice way to get rid of some of the cabling in the car.

Model 4UUC.001.01 does work (but has a 12V plug).

These models should work:

3. The USB version :

More recent version, but slower than the jack version. Note also that there are 2 versions available depending on your location :
– 4V00.014 or 9V00.101 which is the Europe-Australia version working on FM band.

4. The combined car charger with traffic receiver :

– 9UUC.002.00 (part number on box is 9UUC.002.00 and part number on item is 4UUC.001.01) which is the part number sold in Europe-Australia.
– 9UUC.052.02 which is the part number sold in North America.

7. Alternate solution, non TomTom : The GNS Traffic box.

I might resort to cutting open the 4UUC.001.01 model and get rid of the 12V plug.

See this video:

Inside the TomTom RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver

Here is information about how you can modify your TomTom RDS-TMC traffic receiver for a hardwired installation. Use this information at your own risk. Have fun.


Source: TomTom RDS-TMC Antennas FAQ

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hp clj9500 59.A0 Error – HP Enterprise Business Community

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/01/08

If my HP CLJ 9500 ever again gets the 59.A0 PRINTER ERROR the below helps by Seif.

For me the first half of the first step worked (remove the toner bottle, reseat the cleaning blade, put back the toner bottle).

If that fails, here are all of them:

  1. Reseat the cleaning blade, and ITB.
  2. Defeat the Toner Bottle flag and run without a Cleaning Blade to determine if the blade is causing the motor to stop or not.
  3. Remove ITB and verify that it rotates freely.
  4. Remove back and right side skins, and cover over the ITB motor – verify that the ITB drive assembly rotates freely. Verify that the ITB motor pinion is located correctly on the motor shaft (aligned with the second gear in the train).
  5. Remove the Image Transfer Roller, and pull the white gear off of the end of it. Verify that the drive train for this roller moves freely by removing the ITB, the HVPS, and turning the registration motor by hand while watching the gear train to the T2 roller for binding.
  6. Verify signal connectors between the ITB motor and DC Controller, particularly the FFC between the Process-driver and the DC controller.
  7. Check connector on lower right hand side (nearest 2 capacitors) for a solid connection. This connector goes to the HVPS.
  8. Replace the motor assembly.
  9. Replace the DC Controller.
  10. Replace the Image Drum Drive PCB Board


via: hp clj9500 59.A0 Error – HP Enterprise Business Community.

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