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Archive for January 12th, 2016

Posting from Google+ to Twitter: an #IFTTT recipe

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/01/12

A long time ago I setup to post from Google+ to Twitter.

Somewhere close to spring 2015, that stopped with a G+ tweet about FireDAC which linked to my G+ post about it.

I could not find out however how I initiated that post forwarding, so I did some searching, then decided to go the IFTTT route: 10 Easy Steps To Automate Your Google Plus To Twitter Postings – Social Media Strategies & Techniques For Business Professionals.

The page does not allow you to select text or right click, but you can view the source (for instance in Chrome with view-source: so I’ll summarise:

  1. Note your Google+ numeric ID. For me these were 31 digits. Lets call it ####.
  2. Append the ID to so you get, then verify it indeed returns an RSS feed
  3. Login to (create an account first if you don’t have one), then create a new THIS source from the RSS feed icon.
  4. Select the link from 2. as source.
  5. Click on the THAT link, and select Twitter (you might need to enable IFTTT for Twitter).
  6. From the Twitter list, select “post a tweet”.
  7. Amend the text if needed (remember you only have 140 characters!), then press Create Action.
  8. Test (you might need to wait for about 15 minutes): indeed it worked as my G+ post got picked up by a tweet pointing to it about 15 minutes later.


There are more complex schemes going through FeedBurner which I didn’t try yet:

Other alternatives I might try when IFTTT stops working:



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