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Archive for the ‘SuperMicro’ Category

PCIe bifurcation to split an x16 or x8 slot into multiple x4 channels: allows PCIe adapters with multiple NVMe cars

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/03/07

It looks like some X9 and X10 Supermicro boards already support PCIe bifurcation (splitting of PCIe slots into multiple channels), which might be worth a try to upgrade some of my older rigs to use NVMe instead of SATA storage as it will allow me to use adapters that support multiple NVMe devices into a single PCIe slot.

The X9 motherboards uses an LGA 2011-R socket, and the X10 motherboards an LGA 2011-R3 sockets.

Both use chipsets not being that different: the X9 uses the C600 series (which are similar to the X79 consumer series), and the X10 uses the C610 series (which are similar to the X99 consumer series).

This is what I found out about the bifurcation support for my boards:



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IPMI will not grab IP even with DHCP turned on : homelab

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/08/13


  1. ensure the IPMI network cable is connected before connecting the power cable
  2. ensure the IPMI LAN is using the dedicated interface
  3. ensure the IPMI LAN interface is connected to a “non green” port of your network switch
  4. ensure the DHCP server has been cold rebooted
  5. ensure the IPMI VLAN configuration matches your network
  6. ensure the IPMI firewall configuration matches the network you try to reach IPMI from
  7. ensure the motherboard does not have a short-circuit anywhere

Otherwise SuperMicro devices might not get a DHCP address on the IPMI (BMC) interface, despite the tooling like [WayBack] ipmicfg indicating getting DHCP was succesful.

This especially holds for X9 boards, likely for newer boards as well.

Personally I never had the 4. and up above, but I bumped into 1. and 2. with SuperMicro boards and 3. with other devices.

Based on

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SuperMicro iKVM and IPMI: not able to initiate “Virtual Media” -> “Virtual Storage”

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/05/24

I had something odd on one SuperMicro systeem:

The “Virtual Storage” menu item under “Virtual Media” was marked grey (gray?) as being unavailable.

Despite that, no disk image was shown mounted according to the web interface at menu path “Virtual Media” -> “CD-ROM Image“:

Port settings were good though as seen in menu path “Configuration” -> “Port“:

Even nmap did not show significant differences between the various systems (partial dump here; full dump below)

Discovered open port 443/tcp on
Discovered open port 5900/tcp on
Discovered open port 80/tcp on
Discovered open port 22/tcp on
Discovered open port 5985/tcp on
Discovered open port 623/tcp on

I use alias alias nmap-fingerprint_host_all-ports-even-if-ping-fails='sudo nmap -O -v -A -p- -Pn' here as it usually gives best results for port scans on a single machine.

“Secret” setting

The secret is in a different menu entry under menu path “Maintenance” -> “IKVM reset“:

After pressing the Reset button, then restarting the iKVM client, “Virtual Media” -> “Virtual Storage” is nog grey any more, and just works:

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When all your SuperMicro X9/X10/X11 IPMI sensors show N/A: the system is in a BIOS or boot selection screen

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/05/17

I have seen this happen on various Supermicro X9/X10/X11 systems including X9SRi-F/X9SRi-3F/X10SRH-CF/X11SPM-F boards:


I found this via:

  • [WayBack] IPMI no sensor readings and already reset | iXsystems Community
  • [WayBack] Supermicro X10 and X11 motherboard FAQ | iXsystems Community

    All the sensors read N/A 

    First of all, make sure you’re not in the BIOS setup menu. IPMI monitoring of sensors isn’t available there.

    If that is not the case, the procedures listed under “The CPU/PCH temperatures read N/A” may help.

    The CPU/PCH temperatures read N/A

    While the exact cause is unknown, the BMC may enter a faulty state, requiring a reset.

    The following options were recommended to me by Supermicro:

    • Start by power cycling the IPMI. This can be done from the web interface.
    • If that doesn’t work, reset it to factory defaults via the web interface and power cycle it (it will not work until it is properly power cycled).


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SC732D4-500B | Mid-tower | Chassis | Products | Super Micro Computer, Inc.

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/05/10

The [WayBack] SC732D4-500B | Mid-tower | Chassis | Products | Super Micro Computer, Inc. is a nice tower case, but remember that it has 2 USB 3.0 ports on the outside.

If you have a motherboard without onboard USB 3.0 pin headers, or one with incompatible pin headers, then you cannot use these ports with this standard cable that comes with the case:

Cable(S) CBL-0453L 1 USB 3.0,INT,19 PIN/F TO 19PIN/F,60CM,CONNECT TO CBL-0454L

Most of the X9 motherboards have no compatible pin headers.

These boards are an exception:

Too bad my boards are X9SRI-F and X9SRI-3F (do NOT get the bare X9SRI: it has no iPMI) with C6xx Dual processor Sandy Bridge-based Xeon chipsets (List of Intel Xeon chipsets) – Wikipedia:

This cable might fix this, though there is very little documentation on either of these cables:

Adapter Cable CBL-0454L USB3.0 to 2.0 adapter cable – 30cm(19pin male to 9pin female)

I could find no site with a picture of the first cable, and only newegg had pictures of the last one.

[WayBack] Supermicro CBL-0454L Supermicro CBL-0454L USB 3.0 to USB 2.0 Adapter Cable –

Luckily I had an X10 manual at hand, so here you can see the various pin-outs.

One end of the CBL-0454L has the same pin out as “USB (3.0) USB#11 Pin Definitions” (actually you need to double the rows) so CBL-0453L fits into it.

The other end of CBL-0454L fits into “Front Panel USB (2.0) #4/5, 6/7, 8/9” headers.

Fitting 2.5 inch drives in it

Another interesting aspect is part:

2.5″ HDD Bracket MCP-220-73201-0N HDD Cage (4x Internal 2.5″ fixed HDD bays)

Again hard to find pictures. There is only one at the whole supermicro site:

[WayBack] Supermicro | Products | SuperWorkstation | Mid-Tower | 5039C-T with Part List

[WayBack] 5039C-T_side.jpg

The part is [WayBack] Supermicro MCP-220-73201-0N Accessories with 0091016_2-5in-hdd-cage-4x-internal-2-5in-hdd.jpg (500×500)


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