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Archive for the ‘Mainboards’ Category

Link archive: ASUS MN78 PRO URLs

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/02/08

Since my brother has this motherboard: M4N78 PRO GREEN.

It does WOL, but doesn’t always wake up when powered down.


ASUS Serial 93M0AI195747; Part 90-MIB7C0-G0EAY00Z; M4N78 PRO GREEN; UPC 61083916977; EAN 4719543169773

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CPU FAN header is called FANA on SuperMicro X10SRI-F and X10SL7-F – Onboard LSI

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/12/22

The SuperMicro X10SRI-F and X10SL7-F boards are very similar, so I was happy that [WayBackSuperMicro X10SL7-F – Onboard LSI pointed out where the CPU fan was: it’s header FANA which isn’t exactly clear form the X10SRI-F motherboard PDF manual [WayBack]:

FANA is the CPU fan connector

 I never realized that. What is this based on? The manual seemed to be silent about this.

(I connected my CPU fan to the closest fan connector and everything works like a charm, but I’m still curious).

 The manual is indeed pretty much silent, although it does IMPLY that FanA is for the CPU.   It shows “FAN1-FAN4,FANA” and then says “System/CPU fan headers”.   You can read this as 5 fan headers that are the system and CPU fan headers; or as 4 headers and one more that are the system fan headers and the CPU fan header.



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