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Posted by jpluimers on 2023/03/02

Cool: [Wayback/Archive] Canarytokens

Canary tokens are a free, quick, painless way to help defenders discover they’ve been breached (by having attackers announce themselves.)

How tokens works (in 3 short steps):

  1. Visit the site and get a free token (which could look like an URL or a hostname, depending on your selection.)
  2. If an attacker ever uses the token somehow, we will give you an out of band (email or sms) notification that it’s been visited.
  3. As an added bonus, we give you a bunch of hints and tools that increase the likelihood of an attacker tripping on a canary token.

The above documentation is just a small portion of what is at [Wayback/Archive] – Quick, Free, Detection for the Masses with even more documentation starting at [Wayback/Archive] Introduction | Canarytokens.

Source code (either the site or a docker image):

It is provided by [Wayback/Archive] Thinkst Canary.

I learned it at the height of the Log4Shell mitigation stress. Some related posts from that period:

Via: [Archive] ᖇ⦿ᖘ Gonggrijp on Twitter: “IP in Luxembourg, owned by Frantech Solutions from Cheyenne, WY. Judging from a quick round of Google appears to be a bulletproof VM hoster, with clients to match. ” / Twitter

Below image via [Wayback/Archive] | Perfect Tweet screenshots with just one click


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