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Archive for the ‘Android Devices’ Category

Google Now launcher replacement?

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/12/21

I missed this earlier this year, but while switching phones found out: Google Now is not available for most devices any more.

So I’ am looking for a replacement that has:

  • 5×5 application/group icons on each home screen page
  • 4 application/group icons on the bottom static row
  • support for Google Search
  • support for Google Assistant voice control

This I totally missed:


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No more

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/12/11

Not sure when this happened but the CIDR list is no more [WayBack

Dear partners,
Please note that we have migrated the latest IP pools of WhatsApp to Facebook Mobile Partner Portal. Feel free to browse to the Settings page of the portal and download the latest WhatsApp IP pool: 
Further IP pool updates are also done through the portal and are no longer distributed via email or through WhatsApp web site.
If you have not yet registered on the Mobile Partner Portal or have difficulties accessing it - please request access through the following form and we'll be happy to assist:
For any technical requests please contact us through the Support section of the portal: 
WhatsApp team

In the past it was the place to get the CIDR so you could either block or allow WhatsApp traffic: [earlier WayBack]

It is still widely cited as way to regulate WhatsApp traffic, for instance at these places:

Time to find an automated way to get the replacement list. Maybe the below helps (via [WayBackBlock facebook messenger and whatsApp on Dlink router – Super User)

whois -h '!gAS32934'


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Why Are My Text Messages Stuck Pending | Pushbullet Help Central

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/10/15

Try this fix first:

For many, this issue goes away by simply reinstalling our Android app on your phone. We suggest giving this a try first.

That didn’t work, but this did:

Check that the correct device is selected in the top left of the SMS interface.

You may have an old device selected, which is preventing SMS from working correctly. Check that the correct device is selected in the drop down. You can remove old devices here.

It looks like all my old smartphones were still there despite not being a SIM card in them. Removing all but my active phone solved the problem.

Source: [WayBackWhy Are My Text Messages Stuck Pending | Pushbullet Help Central


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Vysor standalone downloads

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/09/19

I wrote about Vysor before, but totally forgot to mention that for like 2 years there have been (initially beta) standalone versions of Vysor based on the Electron framework that is also used by the editor and Visual Studio code.

So here they are (:

Over time, these have been updated with new versions.

Web site source:




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GitHub – Genymobile/scrcpy: Display and control your Android device

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/03/10

On my list of things to try when I am going back to do Android development [WayBack]: GitHub – Genymobile/scrcpy: Display and control your Android device.



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