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Archive for June 9th, 2009

spoken @ Delphi Tage 2009 – download is on-line: Delphi power user: speed up your Delphi work

Posted by jpluimers on 2009/06/09

Last saturday, I spoke with my colleague Edwin van der Kraan at the German Delphi Tage 2009: one of the (or maybe just “the”) largest Delphi user groups events in Europe.

The session was titled “Delphi power user: speed up your Delphi work”.

Since we both speak German, the session was in German, and the slides in the download are mostly German too.

Rougly half of the session was done by demo’s and a few slides.
The rest was discussing with the public in what way they sped up their Delphi work, or what portions of their Delphi work they would like to speed up.

The room was packed with people form start to finish, and we had a lot of fun. Though the public learned a lot, even we had a few “aha” moments ourselves.

Some topics we covered were these:

Jeroen Pluimers [wahrscheinlich englischsprachig]
A lot of people use components to make their work easier. There are also tools and IDE enhancements that you can use to speed up your Delphi work. This session shows you how. We will cover new things introduced since Delphi 7 and two tools that make you really productive: Gexperts and ModelMaker CodeExplorer. The goal of this session is not to show you the vast possibilities, but to concentrate on things that you profit from most.
Some of these:
how do I write code faster
how do I write less code
which refactorings are really smart
how can I best change existing code
which changes always succeed, which ones fail and how can I adjust to these failures
how can I change the Tab Order of controls fast and accurately
what kind of breakpoint tricks are handy
how do I replace components
smart things with the Tool Palette
smart placement of your Windows
how do I find things in my project groups and on disk
how do I find my way in code that others wrote
This is not the final list, as this session has plenty of time for questions from the public. In addition, there will be room to discuss other tools. So: if there are things you do often and cost a lot of time: this is your chance to speak up!
  • The most usefull refactorings introduced since Delphi 7
  • Fun with the tool palette in non designer windows
  • Everything in Delphi is text based, including components copied to the clipboard
  • GExperts search, replace, replace components, ASCII chart and other smart stuff
  • Model Maker Code Explorer refactorings, class copying, interface implementation and a few other features
  • Beyond Compare magics

Some people (including me) took pictures during this event, you can find the combined list here.

We had a great time, not only because of the location (the ship Cap San Diego), but also because of the perfect organization by Daniel Wolf and Sabine Rothe.
Thanks to them for this wonderful event!

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update to TFS 2008 Folder Comparison Filter for both C# and Delphi projects « The Wiert Corner – Jeroen Pluimers’ irregular stream of Wiert stuff

Posted by jpluimers on 2009/06/09

Last month I wrote about the TFS 2008 Folder Comparison Filter for both C# and Delphi projects; here is an update:

If you enable the generation of MAP files during compilation, you might not want to include them in your search filter.

Also, the .suo, .user and .webinfo extensions were missing (for an explanation of Visual Studio file extensions, see here and here), so then the search filter becomes this:


Have fun with it!


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