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Archive for January 5th, 2010

C# / Delphi – getting the right parameter and function result order for SOAP

Posted by jpluimers on 2010/01/05

Getting different architectures to talk can be a pain, even when using standards like SOAP.

In this case, the .NET WSDL imports Delphi generated WSDL in a different manner than you’d expect at first sight: when having both an ‘out’ parameter and a function ‘result’, the ‘result’ is not imported well.

But alas: SOAP didn’t accommodate for this situation in the past, and now SOAP now has some additions to solve this.

Bruneau Babet explains this here: [WayBackSOAP inconsistency? Delphi 2010 (Win32) Server and .NET Client swapping ‘out-parameter’ and ‘result’. – Stack Overflow.

There he explains how to use the parameterOrder attribute, which the Delphi WSDL importer and exporter still do not support.


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C# – Kirk Evans Blog : Suppress warnings in C# 2.0

Posted by jpluimers on 2010/01/05

I always forget the pragma syntax, because it differs substantially from the #if syntax, and I hardly use #pragma.

Contrary to #if#endif, there is no #pragma#endpragma.
Instead, there is #pragma warning disable ### #pragma warning restore ###).

Ken Evans wrote a nice blog article about it (a long time ago, but it is still current): Kirk Evans Blog : Suppress warnings in C# 2.0.
And of course: the official docs, which indicate that when you omit the  warning list in a #pragma warning restore, then all warnings are restored.

You can get the error numbers from the compiler output window (no, the errors/warnings/hints window does not show the numbers, that would be to obvious).


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Delphi – Announce: ModelMaker Code Explorer 8.02 beta

Posted by jpluimers on 2010/01/05

Gerrit Beuze just announced the new beta of ModelMaker Code Explorer 8.

For me, ModelMaker Code Explorer (especially at a price of only EUR 99!)  is an indispensable tool for both creating new sources, and maintaining old sources (the refactorings it can do are awesome, but there are many other useful features in it as well).

Over the years, I’ve been using interfaces in Delphi more and more.
Actually, in some of my projects almost all classes implement interfaces.

Therefore, I’m particularly glad with the new feature  ‘auto complete style drop down list’ in the ‘Edit Class dialog’ that this beta brings.

More info: ModelMaker Code Explorer 8.02 beta.

Note: if you use Visual Studio, there is a Visual Studio edition of ModelMaker Code Explorer too.


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