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Google Chrome just got enriched with 30+thousands scripts (link to “Fire Outfoxed: Greasemonkey Creator Builds Native Support Into Chrome”)

Posted by jpluimers on 2010/02/07

The recently launched Google Chrome 4 introduced plugin support (they call it support for  extensions).

Greasemonkey is a scripting plugin allowing you to on-the-fly modify the HTML in your browser. Originally it was Mozilla Firefox only.

On February 1st, Aaron Boodman – the original Geasemonkey developer who now works as Google – announced that Greasmonkey support it is available natively in Google Chrome 4.

There are some 40-thousand scripts available on, lots of them written by people like you and me (from simple things like filling out forms and removing ads to complex stuff like re-layouting complete pages).
The vast majority of those scripts will work in Google just as well as in Firefox, the rest (some 15 to 25 percent) need adaption.

So: with the click of an install button, Google Chrome just opened itself to 30-thousand+ scripts!

Those are only the ones available on, so the actual number is even bigger :-)


PS:      This is one of the first scripts I tried: Flickr – Link Original Image. It adds a button on Flickr thumbnails that point to the original image (if that is available).
Actually, I modified the script a bit, because the original script does not support PNG or GIF images on Flickr (and notified the author Johannes la Poutré of it).
Even with only little JavaScript experience, it took me less than half an hour to figure out how the script worked, and how to modify it to support PNG and GIF extensions.
Of course the excellent JavaScript debugger in Chrome did help a lot.
On YouTube there is a good video explaining how to use debug JavaScript in Chrome.

PPS:    Google Chrome version 4 is in the stable channel for Windows and the beta and dev channels for Mac and Linux, channels are explained here.

Reference: Fire Outfoxed: Greasemonkey Creator Builds Native Support Into Chrome.

2 Responses to “Google Chrome just got enriched with 30+thousands scripts (link to “Fire Outfoxed: Greasemonkey Creator Builds Native Support Into Chrome”)”

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  2. Google Chrome the best browser
    Thank you

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