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Solution: Can’t paste on a web-site with Ctrl-V

Posted by jpluimers on 2010/07/16

Quite a few web sites have fields where you cannot paste with Ctrl-V.
I don’t know why: pasting text input is a great way to speed up your work.

A solution for most of them: use the old-fashioned, but still supported, CUA way Shift-Insert way of pasting.

Cut, copy and paste are very common edit actions, but sometimes the same actions have different shortcuts. This was especially true in the ’80’s of last century: many systems coming from different backgrounds and concepts had highly confusing ways of doing common things.

CUA (Common User Access) is the successful 1987 attempt by IBM to standardize the plethora of user interface oddities in software.
This covered not only graphical user interfaces (like OS/2 and Windows), but also text-based user interfaces on anything ranging from Personal Computers through minicomputers and midrange computers to mainframes.
All Windows software by Microsft supports it, and software written by people long enough in business does support it too.

Quote from Wikipedia:

CUA hallmarks include:

  • All operations could be done with either the mouse or the keyboard;
  • Menus are activated/deactivated with the F10 key;
  • Menus are opened by pressing the Alt key plus the underlined letter of the menu name;
  • Menu commands that require parameters to proceed are suffixed with an ellipsis (“…”);
  • Options are requested using secondary windows (often called dialog boxes);
  • Options are divided into sections using notebook tabs;
  • Navigation within fields in dialog boxes is by cursor key; navigation between fields is by pressing the tab key;⇧ Shift+Tab ⇆ moves backwards;
  • Dialog boxes have a ‘Cancel’ button, activated by pressing the Esc key, that discards changes, and an ‘OK’ button, activated by pressing Return, that accepts changes;
  • Applications have online help accessed by a Help menu, which is the last option on the menu bar; context sensitive help can be summoned by F1;
  • The first menu is to be called ‘File’ and contains operations for handling files (new, open, save, save as) as well as quitting the program; the next menu ‘Edit’ has commands for undo, redo, cut, copy, delete, paste commands;
  • The
    Cut command is ⇧ Shift+Del;
    Copy is Ctrl+Ins;
    Paste is ⇧ Shift+Ins;
  • The size of a window can be changed by dragging one of the 8 segments of the border.


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