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Archive for March 1st, 2011

Weird Errors With EF4 CTP5 Code First? Close All Database Connections » Danny Thorpe

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/03/01

Often solutions are simple, but the steps finding that simple solution can take a while.

This time, good friend Danny Thorpe found out the hard way using the joungest Community Technology Preview version of Entity Framework 4, he writes:

I don’t claim to know why, but after a day of permutations and combinations, this is what I found cleared the problem for me.

The solution for his problems – all sorts of stranges errors when using DropCreateDatabaseAlways in the Entity Framework – is simple: make sure you don’t have any other connection to your underlying database open.


via: Weird Errors With EF4 CTP5 Code First? Close All Database Connections » Danny Thorpe.

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Ask yourself: “are you writing a framework now?” – How (not) to write Factorial

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/03/01

On the Development Choas Theory blog, I bumped into a brilliant blog post titled How (not) to write Factorial in Java.

It is not about Java, or any other programming language, platform or library for that matter.

It equally applies to your favourite programming language and framework (be it shell scripts, assembler, .NET, Delphi, haskell, PHP, ruby, Eiffel, Java or any other).

It is about the question that Neal Ford taught me quite a while ago that you should ask yourself several times a day:
“Am I writing a framework now?”

Developing software is about only developing the things you really need to.

Framework development is in a totally different league than developing ‘just’ software.
It requires even more thought, attention, testing, etc.
And after that, you need to support it on a different level too.

Frameworks are far more costly than you would guess at first sight…

So only develop a framework  for something (*) if you observe that it is actually used in a lot of places and requires a framework.

(*) insert what you are currently working on here.


Via:  Development Chaos Theory » Blog Archive » How (not) to write Factorial in Java

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