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Archive for March 21st, 2011

How big of a team do you need to benefit from bug tracking software? – Programmers – Stack Exchange

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/03/21

Interesting comment on this StackExchange question:

The Student and Startup Edition at Fog Creek includes FogBugz AND Kiln (source control).


via How big of a team do you need to benefit from bug tracking software? – Programmers – Stack Exchange.

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Google Chrome about:about – main entrance to the “geek” pages

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/03/21

Google Chrome as a quite extensive collection of about: pages not limited to the empty about:blank and the simple about: info page.

Some of them enable you to view and/or set some geeky stuff.

about:about is the best entrance: it has a list of most of the available about: pages.
An alternative is chrome://about/about/

There are a few more, and some site, including lifehacker published has a nice list in 2008, but since then some of them moved to the regular configuration dialogs.

So here is what still works and what doesn’t (as of Chrome 8.0; 9.0 will change a bit):

Doesn’t work:

Works, but not in the about:about list:

ChromeAccess is an extension plugin that gives you quick access to these pages too.
(Speaking of extensions, there is a FireBug Lite extension for Chrome, and a nice list of popular Chrome extensions)

ChromeFans shows there is also a view-cache: and view-source: prefix.

Finally Zhacks has a list with a few chrome:// pages that are also interesting:


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