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Archive for June 21st, 2011

Delphi and COBOL syntax highlighters

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/06/21

I’ve been working on a project that uses both COBOL and Delphi.

For documentation purposes, Syntax Highlighted code makes your code so much easier to read.

Delphi has GExperts for source code export (in either HTML or RTF), but it took me a while to find a good syntax highlighter for COBOL.

I finally found a COBOL syntax highighter at it exports to HTML.

I’m glad I found that site, as they have a ton of syntax highlighters, divided into groups.

Quite amusing to see COBOL classified as ‘rare’ (given that it has one of the largest code bases in the world).

This is what they support:

  • main: Java
  • main: C
  • main: Visual Basic
  • main: PHP
  • main: C++
  • main: Perl
  • main: Python
  • main: C#
  • main: Ruby
  • main: JS.NET
  • main: VB.NET
  • main: Pascal
  • main: JavaScript
  • inet: html
  • inet: css
  • inet: css for html
  • inet: css for svg
  • inet: jsp
  • inet: xhtml transitional
  • inet: xhtml strict
  • inet: xhtml frameset
  • inet: asp – VBScript
  • inet: asp – JavaScript
  • inet: asp – PerlScript
  • inet: SVG 1.0
  • inet: ColdFusion
  • inet: ActionScript
  • inet: VBScript
  • xml: xml
  • xml: dtd
  • xml: xslt 1.0
  • xml: XML Schema
  • xml: Relax NG
  • xml: xlink
  • database: Clarion
  • database: Clipper
  • database: FoxPro
  • database: SQLJ (Java sql)
  • database: Paradox
  • database: SQL, PL/SQL
  • database: MySQL
  • scripts: Batch/Config.sys/NTcmd
  • scripts: sh/ksh/bash script
  • scripts: Apache httpd.conf
  • scripts: Config, INI and CTL
  • scripts: Colorer HRC
  • scripts: Colorer HRD
  • scripts: Delphi form
  • scripts: Java Compiler Compiler
  • scripts: Java properties
  • scripts: Lex
  • scripts: YACC
  • scripts: makefile
  • scripts: Regedit
  • scripts: Resources
  • scripts: TeX
  • scripts: OpenVMS DCL
  • scripts: VRML
  • scripts.install: RAR Install Script
  • scripts.install: Nullsoft Install Script
  • scripts.install: InnoSetup script
  • scripts.install: IS script
  • rare: ASM
  • rare: 1C
  • rare: Ada
  • rare: ABAP/4
  • rare: AutoIt 2.x
  • rare: AWK
  • rare: Dssp
  • rare: ADSP-21xx Asm
  • rare: Baan
  • rare: Cache/Open-M
  • rare: Cobol
  • rare: Eiffel
  • rare: Forth
  • rare: Fortran
  • rare: Haskell
  • rare: Icon
  • rare: IDL
  • rare: Lisp
  • rare: MatLab
  • rare: Modula2 and Oberon2
  • rare: PicAsm
  • rare: Rexx
  • rare: Standard ML
  • rare: OCaml
  • rare: Tcl/Tk
  • rare: Sicstus Prolog
  • rare: Turbo Prolog
  • rare: Verilog HDL
  • rare: VHDL
  • rare: z80asm
  • rare: asm80
  • rare: 8051 asm
  • rare: AVR asm
  • other: files.bbs
  • other: Diff/Patch
  • other: message
  • other: plain text
  • other: default type


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