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Archive for July 4th, 2011

SEC_LinkShare SSID is from your Samsung TV: SWL (Samsung Wireless Link)

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/07/04

While playing around to improve the WiFi network reception of my Samsung LED TV, I enabled SWL.

It didn’t do much on the WiFi reception, but I found out that after enabling SWL, other devices could hardly find my regular access point any more.

Somehow, a very strong access point appeared pushing away all access points. The new access point had an SSID like SEC_LinkShare_######.

Though this wasn’t mentioned in the PDF ¬†manual of my TV, PDF manual of my TV¬†(a [] UE40C6800 LED-TV 40″¬†with [WayBack] Firmware T-VALDEUC-3018.1.exe¬†),¬† a quick search on¬†SEC_LinkShare+SSID¬†indicated in the direction of Samsung devices.

So, when you enable SWL on your TV:

  1. your TV will become a local secured access point
  2. the SWL access point will be called SEC_LinkShare_###### (with 6 digits at the end)
  3. you cannot influence the WiFi channel used by the SWL access point
  4. there is no information on the password to connect to the SWL access point
  5. the SWL access point will potentially have a higher signal than access points further away (effectively blocking them)

Conclusion: Unless you have other Samsung devices that need the SWL, don’t activate it on your TV.


PS: Some links from Axel’s comment:

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