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Archive for July 26th, 2011


Posted by jpluimers on 2011/07/26

What started out as viewing Help – WebSphere MQ: System and default objects to see if SYSTEM.DEFAULT.MODEL.QUEUE is a good model queue to use (and generate dynamic temporary queues named AMQ.* or MQAI.*), ended up into a lot of reading on security and such:

  1. Allowing access to SYSTEM.DEFAULT.MODEL.QUEUE
  2. Using WebSphere MQ Explorer as a read-only viewer
  3. The Deep Queue – Episode #8: The good news and the bad news
  4. Help – WebSphere MQ – Access Control

In the mean time, I added some of the blogs to my Google Reader and learned that one of the blogs moved, and moved again.

  3. (slow!)

Oh, and the Diagnosing Probmems with Data Conversion post, WMQ, Channel Security and  WebSphere MQ Security heats up posts will sure come in handy soon.


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