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Great answer by Cosmin Prund: How and when are variables referenced in Delphi’s anonymous methods captured? – Stack Overflow

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/01/05

Every once in a while, by accident you stumble on a really great answer on StackOverflow.

Here is a quote from Cosmin Prund describing on how Delphi implements anonymous methods using a TInterfacedObject descendant:

When you have a function like the one in the question, where you have an anonymous method accessing a local variable, Delphi appears to create one TInterfacedObject descendant that captures all the stack based variables as it’s own public variables. Using Barry’s trick to get to the implementing TObject and a bit of RTTI we can see this whole thing in action.

Read his full answer for the complete description including sample code.

I stumbled on this great answer trough the question Is it possible for a managed local variable to transparently “travel to” another local scope? which might sound like an odd question, but it is not: StackOverflow is about learning, and some people do that by asking questions on solving problems in a very uncommon way, just to learn there are far better ways of obtaining what they want.


via: How and when are variables referenced in Delphi’s anonymous methods captured? – Stack Overflow.

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