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#WordPress Editor #keyboard #shortcuts

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/03/05

Both the WordPress Visual editor and HTML editor accept keyboard shortcuts. The built in WordPress Visual editor is based on TinyMCE where some of the shortcuts come from.

Since I’m a keyboard guy, I collected some information on keyboard shortcuts over time, and below is a table with what I collected for both editors.

That, combined with distraction free writing really gives WordPress a boost.

Most of the shortcut keys use the modifier keys ALT plus SHIFT.

Note that on a Mac, you will have to use the “command” key in stead of the “CTRL” key.

Visual Editor

You can see what these shortcuts do in the WordPress Visual Editor support page.

Function Shortcut Keys Alternative Shortcut Keys
Undo CTRL + z
Redo CTRL + y
Headers (H1, H2, H3, …, H6) CTRL + 1 … 6
Paragraph CTRL + 7
Format CTRL + 8 (doesn’t work on a Mac)
Address CTRL + 9
Bold ALT + SHIFT + b CTRL + b
Italic ALT + SHIFT + i CTRL + i
Underline CTRL + u
Strike through with red (delete) ALT + SHIFT + d
Align left ALT + SHIFT + l
Align center ALT + SHIFT + c
Align right ALT + SHIFT + r
Blockquote ALT + SHIFT + q
Unquote/outdent ALT + SHITF + w (doesn’t work on a Mac)
Code ALT + SHIFT + c (doesn’t work, is “align center”)
Unordered List (ul) ALT + SHIFT + u
Ordered List (ol) ALT + SHIFT + o
List item (li) ALT + SHIFT + l (doesn’t work, is “align left”)
A Hyperlink (a) ALT + SHIFT + a
Line break SHIFT + Enter
Read more ALT + SHIFT + t
Next page ALT + SHIFT + p
Media insert (image/video/…) ALT + SHIFT + m (on a Mac, it also inserts a Ã)
ins ALT + SHIFT + s (doesn’t work on a Mac)
del ALT + SHIFT + d (doesn’t work on a Mac)
Distraction free writing ALT + SHIFT + g
Enable “Kitchen Sink” Toolbar ALT + SHIFT + z
View HTML code ALT + SHIFT + e (doesn’t work on a Mac)
Advanced Editor ALT + SHIFT + v (doesn’t work)
Spell check ALT + SHIFT + n
Rich Editor Help ALT + SHIFT + h
  • Unused ALT + SHIFT + letter combinations: f, y, j, k, x.

HTML editor (don’t work on a Mac)

Though the sources I used (see bullets below) indicate the below table should work, they don’t.

So: no HTML shortcuts on Mac or PC, which is a shame.

The only reason I use the HTML editor once in a while are these:

Function Shortcut Keys Alternative Shortcut Keys
Bold ALT + SHIFT + b
Italic ALT + SHIFT + i
Strikethrough ALT + SHIFT + d
Blockquote ALT + SHIFT + q
Code ALT + SHIFT + c
Unordered List ALT + SHIFT + u
Ordered List ALT + SHIFT + o
A Hyperlink ALT + SHIFT + a
Read more ALT + SHIFT + t
View HTML code ALT + SHIFT + e
Headers (H1, H2, H3, …) Ctrl + corresponding number
Insert date/time ALT + SHIFT + s
Insert IMG URL ALT + SHIFT + m
List Item (li) Alt + SHIFT + l
Publish the Post Alt + SHIFT + p
Redo CTRL + y
Undo CTRL+z



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