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Archive for May 24th, 2012

Some on-line XPath testing tools that support namespaces and XPath functions

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/05/24

In the previous post, you saw some XPath to find the ProviderManifestToken attribute in an .edmx file.

Writing XPath queries can be quite consuming, so it is nice of you can test it somewhere on-line.

Out of the on-line XPath testers, these two worked best:

Both of them support namespaces, including these XPath functionslocal-name and namespace-uri.

These failed:

If you have more on-line tools that work: please let me know!

Edit (20120524T0930):

Danny Thorpe tweeted an interesting comment:

@jpluimers If you’re compiling XPath support, make note of whether it’s XPATH 1.0 or 2.0. I think .NET only implements XPATH 1.0

Indeed, .NET only supports XPath 1.0, and worse, .NET 4 introduced a couple of issues with XSLT (see XPath and XSLT 2.0 for .NET? – Stack Overflow).

Luckily there are some goot XPath 2.0 libraries for .NET (see XPath 2.0 Libraries for .Net – Stack Overflow).


via: XPath tools on not-another-blog

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