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Archive for May 23rd, 2012

The ADO.NET Entity Framework and SQL Server 2000: the ProviderManifestToken attribute and selecting it with XPath

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/05/23

Yes. Dorothy. There are people using the ADO .NET Entity Framework with SQL Server 2000  in parallel of moving towards a more modern Microsoft SQL Server version.

Entity Framework is lovely for developing data-centric applications.

By default, Visual Studio 2010 will target SQL Server 2008 as a database. That is fine, but it is kind of invisible it does: there is no property or dialog where you can change this.

What you have to change in order to have the Entity Framework send SQL Server 2000 compatible queries is to:

  1. Right click your .edmx file
  2. Choose “Open with”
  3. Choose the “XML (text) editor”
  4. Find the  ProviderManifestToken attribute
  5. Change the value (usually from “2008”) into “2000”
  6. Save the .edmx file
  7. Build and run your application

A few caveats:

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