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Archive for June 20th, 2012

Direct Visual Studio 2012 RC and Windows 8 Release Preview ISO download URLs

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/06/20

Somehow many software vendors seem to make it a sport to make it hard to get download URLs.

So here is a bunch of direct download URLs for the (almost new <g>) Visual Studio 2012 RC (formerly and internally known as Visual Studio 11).

There are both ISO files (big, but convenient for offline installation).

Visual Studio 2012 (formerly VS11) ISO downloads
Edition Download page Download binary
Test Professional
Express For windows 8

Web installers (depending on the choose install options, the total download can be a lot less than the complete ISO, but your system needs to be online during the full installation process).

Visual Studio 2012 (formerly VS11) ISO downloads
Edition Download page Download binary
Test Professional
Express For windows 8

You can find similar Windows 8 Release Preview download links here (they were distilled from the official download page, which now gives a 404 because of the atdmt link redirect is broken).

I use the x64 and x86 shortcuts for the x64 and x86 ISO links.

The Windows 8 Release Preview Upgrade Assistant also comes in handy.

The above links give a sustained transfer rate here of at least 3 megabit/second.


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Strong name for Interop.Scripting – .NET Framework

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/06/20

So I won’t forget:

I was trying to generate from the interop.scripting.dll which I guess was the automatically generated dll without strong naming. A wrapperof a wrapper apperently doesnt work.
The following did work:

tlbimp.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\scrrun.dll /keyfile:..\nameHere.snk /out:Interop.Scripting.StrongNamed.dll

The suite of .NET projects I’m refactoring relies in part on scripting in the Microsoft Script Runtime because the original was build by people bringing their COM love from the VB6 world into the .NET world.

I don’t see COM as the first class citizen it was in the VB6 era. On the other hand, COM and ActiveX play an important role in the .NET world. Sometimes I regret that, as dealing with COM is hard.

Some consider COM a first class citizen in .NET as it was in VB6, especially after the dynamic keyword was added in C# 4.0. The variant type available since Delphi 2 since 1996 does more or less the same as dynamic keyword in C#. I know how Anders Heijlsberg disliked the Delphi Variant support of COM. But COM is what the market wanted in 1996, and that seems true until today.

But I digress.

At least parts of the .NET code needs to become strongly named, so I’m hesitating:

  1. kick out the COM stuff – and verify through unit tests that the encompassing code still works – or
  2. generate a strongly named COM Interop Wrapper as described above.

Not sure yet.

Opinions anyone?

Anyway, I’m expecting a few problems here and there, so I’ll be using the CLR Interop Tools like the P/Invoke Interop Assistant and Type Library Importer in Managed Code where needed.


via: Strong name for Interop.Scripting – .NET Framework.

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