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Archive for June 27th, 2012

Embarcadero has some cool new Delphi iOS technology in the pipeline (via: Xcode – Debug iOS application on device without symbols – Stack Overflow)

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/06/27

Today exactly a month ago, Allen Bauer (Chief Scientist at Embarcadero) asked a really in depth question about debugging the startup sequence of iOS apps on a device not originating from Xcode on Stack Overflow indicating on what Embarcadero is researching.

Last week, he also answered the same question using manual steps for GDB. Not easy, but it works.

For a development tools company, getting your tools to work on a new platform is hard, and in this case it seems exceptionally hard.

I’m really looking forward to see what kind of cool tools come out of this, as the current developemt platform choices (Xcode or MonoTouch) can really use more competition to make it easier for us developers.

Exciting times ahead (:


via: xcode – Debug iOS application on device without symbols – Stack Overflow.

PS:  I really love the comment by Danny Thorpe on using Periscope breakout switches – I remember those NMI days well (:

Posted in Debugging, Delphi, Development, GDB, iOS Development, Mobile Development, Software Development, xCode/Mac/iPad/iPhone/iOS/cocoa | 4 Comments »

C# Remove Duplicate Lines From Text File? – Stack Overflow

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/06/27

Recently I had to do a quick removal of duplicate lines in bunch of text files.

A quick search revealed that back in 2009, John Skeet came to the rescue with a couple of examples (:


via: C# Remove Duplicate Lines From Text File? – Stack Overflow.

Posted in .NET, C#, C# 1.0, C# 2.0, C# 3.0, C# 4.0, C# 5.0, Development, Software Development | 1 Comment »

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