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Archive for August 7th, 2012

Correlation of Delphi Release/Update dates and activity on SourceForge project “RAD Studio Demo Code”

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/08/07

Now that the there are RadStudio XE3 demos available at Repository – [radstudiodemos] Index of /branches/RadStudio_XE3, and a post on a Delphi Event in New Zeeland rumours of an eminent Delphi/RAD Studio XE3 version start to raise.

It is fun to watch the activity stats on the SourceForge project RAD Studio Demo Code and correlate them to the Delphi release and update dates.

I made PNG images of two graphs. Click on them to enlarge, or click on the links to get to the statistics pages.

Note that when the span is wide enough, activity gets summed to the start of the month (first picture).

Project statistics graphs

Project Statistics: RAD Studio Demo Code –
from 2009-10-01 until 2012-10-01
Project Statistics: RAD Studio Demo Code –
from 2012-07-15 until 2012-08-15


The real fun is the correlation with the Delphi Release Dates – Delphi Programming and the Delphi update dates from the Delphi Registered User Downloads.:

Year-Month Date Delphi/
RAD Studio
2009-12 2009-12-14 2010 Update 4/5
2010-08 2010-08-30 XE Release
2011-07;2011-08 2011-09-02 XE2 Release
2011-11 2011-11-01 XE2 Update 2
2012-04 2012-05-18 XE2 Update 4 + Hotfix
2012-07 2012-??-?? XE3? Release?


via: RAD Studio Demo Code | Free software downloads at

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