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Correlation of Delphi Release/Update dates and activity on SourceForge project “RAD Studio Demo Code”

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/08/07

Now that the there are RadStudio XE3 demos available at Repository – [radstudiodemos] Index of /branches/RadStudio_XE3, and a post on a Delphi Event in New Zeeland rumours of an eminent Delphi/RAD Studio XE3 version start to raise.

It is fun to watch the activity stats on the SourceForge project RAD Studio Demo Code and correlate them to the Delphi release and update dates.

I made PNG images of two graphs. Click on them to enlarge, or click on the links to get to the statistics pages.

Note that when the span is wide enough, activity gets summed to the start of the month (first picture).

Project statistics graphs

Project Statistics: RAD Studio Demo Code –
from 2009-10-01 until 2012-10-01
Project Statistics: RAD Studio Demo Code –
from 2012-07-15 until 2012-08-15


The real fun is the correlation with the Delphi Release Dates – Delphi Programming and the Delphi update dates from the Delphi Registered User Downloads.:

Year-Month Date Delphi/
RAD Studio
2009-12 2009-12-14 2010 Update 4/5
2010-08 2010-08-30 XE Release
2011-07;2011-08 2011-09-02 XE2 Release
2011-11 2011-11-01 XE2 Update 2
2012-04 2012-05-18 XE2 Update 4 + Hotfix
2012-07 2012-??-?? XE3? Release?


via: RAD Studio Demo Code | Free software downloads at

5 Responses to “Correlation of Delphi Release/Update dates and activity on SourceForge project “RAD Studio Demo Code””

  1. […] Source Forge RadStudioDemos trunk activitiy (based on my previous SF activity post). […]

  2. […] bad the Sourceforge does not do stats pages any more, so you it is a lot harder to correlate project activity with potential release dates any […]

  3. Werner said

    Dates and Locations:

    Sydney Australia Wednesday August 22, 2012
    Hamburg Germany Wednesday August 22, 2012
    Melbourne Australia Thursday August 23, 2012
    Hsin Chu Tawain Thursday August 23, 2012
    Brisbane Australia Friday August 24, 2012
    Taipei Taiwan Friday August 24, 2012
    Bangalore India Monday August 27, 2012
    Taichung Taiwan Monday August 27, 2012
    Kaoshung Taiwan Tuesday August 28, 2012
    Auckland New Zealand Tuesday August 28, 2012
    Mumbai India Wednesday August 29, 2012
    Zurich Germany Wednesday August 29, 2012
    Calgary, AB Canada Tuesday September 4, 2012
    Tokoyo Japan Friday September 4, 2012
    Johannesburg South Africa Tuesday September 4, 2012
    Toronto, ON Canada Wednesday September 5, 2012
    Orange Co., CA United States Wednesday September 5, 2012
    Cologne Germany Wednesday September 5, 2012
    Portland, OR United States Wednesday September 5, 2012
    Capte Town South Africa Wednesday September 5, 2012
    Montreal, QC Canada Thursday September 6, 2012
    Los Angeles, CA United States Thursday September 6, 2012
    Seoul South Korea Thursday September 6, 2012
    Seattle, WA United States Thursday September 6, 2012
    Ankara Turkey Thursday September 6, 2012
    St. Petersburg Russia Tuesday September 11, 2012
    Brussels Belgium Tuesday September 11, 2012
    Stockholm Sweden Tuesday September 11, 2012
    Belgrade Serbia Tuesday September 11, 2012
    Salt Lake City, UT United States Tuesday September 11, 2012
    Jakarta Indonesia Wednesday September 11, 2012
    Moscow Russia Wednesday September 12, 2012
    Prague Czech Republic Wednesday September 12, 2012
    Gothenburg Sweden Wednesday September 12, 2012
    Denver, CO United States Wednesday September 12, 2012
    Washington, DC United States Wednesday September 12, 2012
    Paris France Thursday September 13, 2012
    Oslo Norway Thursday September 13, 2012
    Surabaya Indonesia Friday September 14, 2012
    London United Kingdom Tuesday September 18, 2012
    Ljubljana Slovenia Tuesday September 18, 2012
    Budapest Hungary Tuesday September 18, 2012
    Bucharest Romania Tuesday September 18, 2012
    Chicago, IL United States Tuesday September 18, 2012
    Amsterdam Ntherlands Wednesday September 19, 2012
    Milan Italy Wednesday September 19, 2012
    Copenhagen Denmark Wednesday September 19, 2012
    Warsaw Poland Thursday September 20, 2012
    Manchester United Kingdom Thursday September 20, 2012
    Rome Italy Thursday September 20, 2012
    Helsinki Finland Thursday September 20, 2012
    Heidelburg Germany Friday September 21, 2012
    Heidelburg Germany Saturday September 22, 2012
    Madrid Spain Tuesday September 25, 2012
    Aarhus Denmark Tuesday September 25, 2012
    Wroclaw Poland Tuesday September 25, 2012
    Krakow Poland Wednesday September 26, 2012
    Poznan Poland Tuesday September 20, 2011
    Barcelona Spain Wednesday September 26, 2012
    Sao Paulo Brazil Monday October 22, 2012
    Sao Paulo Brazil Tuesday October 23, 2012

  4. Werner said

    I found this:

    See what’s new in RAD Studio XE3 at a free World Tour event near you

    Exciting new versions of Delphi and RAD Studio are coming soon. Be among the first to get a first-hand look at what’s new in Delphi XE3 and in RAD Studio XE3 – including C++Builder, Prism and new HTML5 Builder at one of these free, live, launch tour events.

    See how you can use Delphi XE3 and RAD Studio XE3 to create Windows 8 applications and give your VCL and FireMonkey applications a new Metro style. Learn what’s new in FM2, the next generation FireMonkey application platform. And see how new Visual LiveBindings make connecting with data easier than ever.

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