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JEDI.INC got updated a few months ago: Delphi XE7 seems to be ahead…

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/08/22

While updating a project to a more recent version of Delphi, I also updated the JEDI.INC reference.

Note that since writing Delphi – finding the VERxxx define for a particular Delphi version: use JEDI.INC, the Delphi JEDI project moved from SoureForge to GitHub.

The fun thing: JEDI.INC got updated a few months ago to support Delphi XE7 provisionally.

Given the Delphi release cycle of twice a year, the Delphi Carpathia aka XE7 rumours this summer, I presume Delphi XE7 is near because of:

By then the list of Delphi Versionen | Delphi-Treff will likely also be updaed.

I’m anxious to see if the (Dutch + English) BIG Delphi Conference organized by Barnsten and Blaise from September 11-12 in the Netherlands will be part of the launch tour.

Anyway: here is the JEDI.INC portion with defines:    

    {$IFDEF VER280} // RAD Studio XE7
      {$DEFINE BDS}
      {$DEFINE BDS15}
      {$IFDEF BCB}
        {$DEFINE BCB21}
        {$DEFINE DELPHI21}
        {$DEFINE DELPHIXE7} // synonym to DELPHI21
      {$ENDIF BCB}
      {$DEFINE RTL280_UP}
    {$ENDIF VER280}


via: jedi/ at master · project-jedi/jedi.

6 Responses to “JEDI.INC got updated a few months ago: Delphi XE7 seems to be ahead…”

  1. […] PDF File Name: got updated a few months ago: delphi xe7 seems to Source: » DOWNLOAD « […]

  2. WarrenP said

    Bruce pointed out some details on the world tour dates and cities announced thus far, for XE7 here.

  3. David M said

    When I installed JVCL a few days ago and it compiled the installer, the message said something like “Using Delphi XE7 to compile”. I don’t have XE7, just XE6…

  4. Embarcadero sent an email message where they say XE7 will be released this semptember.

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