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Archive for August 8th, 2014

How to Move the Dock to a External Display on a Mac (YouTube video)

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/08/08

Most things are simple when you know how to do it.

In this case it was to move the Dock to a different monitor (or to restore it to your main monitor when you accidentally moved it to a secondary monitor).

TbonesTech explains it in the below video, and it is this simple:

On the monitor on which you want the Dock to appear, move the mouse to the bottom of the screen.

Then wait a moment for the Dock to move to that location.

It works in Mavericks. It might work in older versions as well, but I’ve not checked that yet.


via: How to Move the Dock to a External Display on a Mac – YouTube.

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Windows key character that displays on non-Windows systems (like Mac)

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/08/08

Though there is a Unicode character for the Apple Command Key, there is none for the Windows Key.

The Windows font WinDings does have a character 255 for it, but that font usually is not installed on non-Windows systems. There it will look like Unicode Character ‘LATIN SMALL LETTER Y WITH DIAERESIS’ (U+00FF)

This Unicode code point comes closest to the Windows key: Unicode Character ‘SQUARED PLUS’ (U+229E) and is used by Windows Key page on WikiPedia.

  • The WinDings character looks like this: ÿ
    (non no Windows systems, it will look like an y with two dots on it: ÿ)
  • The Unicode Codepoint U+229E like this: ⊞
    Not a complete match, but pretty close.

The Unicode code points for Mac modifier keys are these:


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