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Archive for November 28th, 2012

VB.NET history: VBPowerPack download (formerly from GotDotNet) via: VB Helper: Tip: GotDotNet Visual Basic Power Pack Going Away

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/11/28

I was involved in porting a Visual Studio 2003 VB.NET solution to the latest Visual Studio.

One of the things present was a binary (don’t ask) version of the VBPowerPack, which used to be available on GotDotNet.

Though you can link against .NET 1.1 assemblies from .NET 2.0 and up, I’d rather have source.

That allows me to fix things whenever something comes up (it probably does, as VBPowerPack was pre-Aero, so the controls in it might need some adjustments).

GotDotNet was hated by many people, and finally closed in 2007 by Microsoft in favour of CodePlex (don’t you just love the cloud?).

Luckily, people do archive stuff, so VB Helper has VBPowerPack.

The download is a simple MSI installer, that you can extract using something like this:

msiexec /a PathToMSIFile /qb TARGETDIR=DirectoryToExtractTo



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