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Delphi; Finally! #Spring4D is released in version 1.0 – no joke! …

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/04/01

Stefan Glienke made the announcement earlier today:

Finally! #Spring4D is released in version 1.0 – no joke!

You can get it directly from bitbucket using git (master) or download the zip from the 1.0 tag (

There’s lots and lots of cross platform functionality in it. No UI stuff, just source. And tests for most of it. And there is build.exe to build/install everything.

You need at least Delphi 2010 (since there is a lot of generics stuff in it). Indeed: no non-Unicode Delphi versions and no Delphi 2009 support.

Oh and the containers to have common interfaces like IList and ICollection. That’s why Nick Hodges likes them so much (:

We are going to work to get it to build with AppMethod as well

To get started, download the about zip, unzip recursively, then run BUILD.EXE and have it integrate the packages in your Delphi version.

The master branch will always contain the youngest stable version.

A few directories and unit names:

  • Source\Base
  • Source\Core
  • Source\Extensions
  • Source\Base\Collections
  • Source\Base\Reflection
  • Source\Core\Container
  • Source\Core\Services
  • Source\Extensions\Cryptography
  • Source\Extensions\Utils

with per directory unit names containing:

  • Base: DesignPatterns, Events, Helpers, ResourceStrings, SystemUtils
  • Base\Collection: Adapters, Dictionaries, Enumerable, Events, Extensions, LinkedLists, Lists, Queues, Sets, Stacks.
  • Base\Reflection: Reflection
  • Core\Container: Builder, ComponentActivator, Core, DecoratorExtension, Extensions, Injection, LifetimeManager, Pool, Registration, Resolvers, ResourceStrings,
  • Spring\Services: Logging
  • Extensions: Cryptography (CRC, DES, MD5, SHA, Utils)
  • Extensions: Utils (IO, WinApi)

A few demos:

  • IntroToDependencyInjection\1-StartingOut
  • IntroToDependencyInjection\2-MoveToInterfaces
  • IntroToDependencyInjection\3-ConstructorInjection
  • IntroToDependencyInjection\4-UseMocks
  • IntroToDependencyInjection\5-IsolateInterfaces
  • IntroToDependencyInjection\6-UseContainer
  • IntroToDependencyInjection\7-CustomConstructor
  • IntroToDependencyInjection\8-FieldInjection
  • IntroToDependencyInjection\9-DecoratorInjection
  • SpringDemos\Demo.Collections
  • SpringDemos\Demo.DependencyInjection
  • SpringDemos\Demo.General
  • SpringDemos\Demo.Patterns
  • SpringDemos\Demo.DependencyInjection\MultipleImplementations
  • SpringDemos\Demo.Patterns\Factory
  • SpringDemos\Demo.Patterns\Observer

And tests:

  • Base,
  • Collections.Extensions,
  • Collections,
  • DesignPatterns,
  • Helpers,
  • Reflection.ValueConverters,
  • Reflection.ValueExpressions,
  • SysUtils,
  • Container.Components,
  • Container.Interfaces,
  • Container.LifetimeManager,
  • Container,
  • Pool,
  • Cryptography,
  • Utils,


via: Stefan Glienke – Google+ – Finally! #Spring4D is released in version 1.0 – no joke! ….

One Response to “Delphi; Finally! #Spring4D is released in version 1.0 – no joke! …”

  1. sglienke said

    Appmethod already works. It is just not supported by the Build.exe yet. But you can install manually using the XE5 projectgroup.

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