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Archive for April 8th, 2014

Updating Windows Defender signatures (only) on Windows 8, 7 and XP (via: twm’s blog)

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/04/08

Based on Updating Windows Defender signatures (only) » twm’s blog (thanks Thomas!), I found it would not work on all my Windows systems.

So I wrote a small batch file that works on my Windows 8.x, 7 and XP systems: Read the rest of this entry »

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Obtaining a sub-interface from an interface (via: Stack Overflow: Delphi)

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/04/08

Eric Grange (author of DWS) asked for some interface magic: delphi – Obtaining a sub-interface from an interface – Stack Overflow.


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Software on RAMdisk can be at least 10x faster than on SSD

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/04/08

Wow nice tip in the comments of this article: Hynix ontwikkelt ddr4-module met capaciteit van 128GB – Computer – Nieuws – Tweakers.

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Connect feedly to over 300 apps with Zapier | Building Feedly

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/04/08

Looks like a kind of ifttt: Connect feedly to over 300 apps with Zapier | Building Feedly.

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Spring4D now has projects for Appmethod, but it cannot support Appmethod in the automated build engine.

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/04/08

Recently I pushed two sets ofchanges for Spring4D with packages and test projects that support Appmethod. The test projects are configured to use Firemonkey (conditional define FMX) as that is what Appmethod is centered around.

This weekend I filed Appmethod issue AP-64 that prevents Spring4D and other open source projects to automatically build the underlying projects. Since the new Quality site does not (yet?) make reports on public reports visible to the public, the full report is at the end of this post.

The issue comes down to that Embarcadero has intentionally made the command-line compilers dysfunctional. They are there, but – as you see when running this small batch file – they all will display “This version of the product does not support command line compiling.“. It makes it impossible for open source projects to just distribute the sources, and ship a small build tool that builds and installs the compiled binaries into the available products. So this issue doesn’t only affect Spring4D. The large JCL open source project also requires the command-line compilers.

In the past, only some free or trial products came without the command-line compilers, and I personally am anxious why the command-line compilers were crippled. On the other hand – even though the compiler DLLs list themselves as version 19.50, the functionality in Appmethod basically is the same as in RAD Studio XE5.

The Spring4D team regrets the lack of command-line compiler support in Appmethod. We really hope this restriction is removed soon, preferably in this version, but – since the docteam is prepping for XE6, Delphi XE6 is around the corner (the first XE6 webinar is in slightly more than a week from now) and Appmethod is based on the most recent Delphi version – in a future version.

We could go the long path of encapsulating the DLL versions of the compilers, but those do not have a public API. Reverse engineering that would cost a lot of effort, which we’d rather put into enhancing Spring4D.

If Another thing we could do – if we’d get the compilers, or Embarcadero would build the Spring4D sources with them – is provide precompiled packages for every Appmethod version. We’d rather not do that either because of the exact same reason: extra effort that we’d rather spend on other Spring4D things.

So for now, the Spring4D team keeps the Appmethod support as is. If there are people interested, they can manually compile and install the packages and test projects from within the IDE.


for /f "usebackq tokens=2* delims= " %%c in (`reg query HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Embarcadero\BDS\13.0 /v RootDir`) do (
dir "%%d\bin\dcc*.exe"
for %%c in ("%%d\bin\dcc*.exe") do %%c

Full bug report: Read the rest of this entry »

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