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Using inotify-wait to check filesystem events

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/07/21

Thanks to Using inotify-wait to check filesystem events I got pointed to How to use inotify-tools to trigger scripts on filesystem events which is now on my research list.


Note that Kristian later on commented this:

The solution shown in the article has race conditions and should not be used.

It is based on

while :
inotifywait $options && run-backup

and that means that while the backup runs, the directory in question is unmonitored. When the backup finishes, new changes may have been accumulating during backup run, but without being picked up by the backup.

A proper solution would do something like

inotifywait -m $options | while read line

The important thing is that “inotifywait -m” does not terminate and hence no changes will be lost. It is wrong to run the backup once in full for each change, though.


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