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The Musketeer Video – via: Windows of the World videos

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/12/15

Yesterday I wrote about Windows of the World videos and quite a few people liked that a lot.

Today I remembered I lied a tiny bit. I did a one-off appearance in the field during the final performance of our show “The Musketeer“.

Watch me in the below video sneaking in from the back left into the show (at slightly after 16 minutes 10 seconds) and getting shot (at around the 16 minute 50 mark).

This performance in 2011 ended two seasons of The Musketeer which was one of our World Music Contest award winning shows. This time at WMC 2009 (our marching performance even got us to Wikipedia).

It was from a similar calibre as the first show we had a drum pit at the front of the field: Legend of the Seas from 2005:

That was the year after a very rough one: my mother-in-law had died expectedly, my father very suddenly and I had to take over responsibility for my mentally retarded brother (in Dutch we call this curator, but in English the term legal guardian is more common). So I didn’t make it to this WMC playing (I was in the public literally crying). So shortly after that performance, I rejoined the band, and became member of the drum pit.

Last year’s WMC, we also did a very special thing: changing pants in the midst of the show titled Mother Earth. It won a fifth overall prize.

In three years time, I hope to play at another WMC. Hopefully in the field, as the last time I did that was in 2001.

More than a decade of shows reveals the steady growth the marching band scene has made. The difference between 2001 above and 2013 below is staggering.

There was also a common pattern: In the years 2001, 2005, and 2009 it was either raining or pouring during our performances to a point where competitors didn’t even want to play on the same day as we were.

2013 changed that: a great day, with a great show: Mother Earth

Hope you enjoyed the videos.


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