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Archive for December 23rd, 2014

Episode 215: Gang of Four – 20 Years Later : Software Engineering Radio

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/12/23

If you are into serious software development, then this is a 75 minute PodCast you must listen to: Episode 215: Gang of Four – 20 Years Later : Software Engineering Radio.


Johannes Thönes talks with Erich Gamma, Ralph Johnson and Richard Helm from the Gang of Four about the 20th anniversary of their book Design Patterns. They discuss the following topics: the definition of a design pattern and each guest’s favorite design pattern; the origins of the book in architecture workshops; the writing of the book together with the community; the rock-star feeling at the release of the book at OOPSLA conference; the influence of the book on the industry; the evolution of the Observer pattern; and new patterns since the book was released. The interview closes with each guest talking about their current projects.

What I liked

Of course I enjoyed the history of the Gang of Four (and am still sad that John Vlissides passed away).

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Am I really a developer or just a good googler? – Scott Hanselman

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/12/23

Found back an awesome post from about 16 months back: Am I really a developer or just a good googler? – Scott Hanselman.

I admin that I’m both, not only for development, but also for life hacking and a lot of other stuff I do.

There is so much information, that you can’t know or remember everything.

In fact one of the reasons I started my own blog, contribute to sites like StackOverflow, newsgroups, and speak/visit at events (conferences, user groups, etc) is that I don’t know everything and the interaction helps me learn more.

One of the cool things, is when Googling for some information, I stumble upon one of my own blog entries or other online contributions (:


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