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Some notes on OpenSSL, S/MIME, email, various RFC standards and their relations.

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/03/10

Stuff I found out myself:

Some links I found useful:


3 Responses to “Some notes on OpenSSL, S/MIME, email, various RFC standards and their relations.”

  1. […] Some notes on OpenSSL, S/MIME, email, various RFC standards and their relations. (already archived at the WayBack machine) […]

  2. Remy said

    Indy saves EML files in dot-transparent format, which is not how EML files are supposed to be formatted. The entire file is actually encoded, but you will only notice the dot at the end if no other lines start with a dot, but they can. You should not be processing dot-transparent data with S/MIME, so it is not fair to say OpenSSL can’t handle the dots because it should not be given the dots to begin with. Dot-transparency is a transport encoding only. However, Indy’s dot-transparency logic is currently implemented at a layer that is shared with both its SMTP send/receive code and its file save/load code, the layer doesn’t know the data is being saved to file vs transmitted over a socket. That is going to be changed in Indy 11. But in the meantime, there is a workaround available (via TIdIOHandlerStreamMsg and its EscapeLines/UnescapeLines properties) to allow users to save/load EML files without dot-transparency if needed.

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