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Delphi Pipe – Delphi related RSS feed running on Yahoo Pipes – via twm’s blog

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/03/28

New Delphi related RSS feed: Delphi Pipe “A collection of Delphi related RSS streams” which works perfectly fine in Feedly.

You can get the source through

The source is sooo simple, that I now definitely need to make some time to really do some Yahoo Pipes research:

Since Delphi Feeds doesn’t list my blog any more and generally isn’t very fast in responding to requests for adding or removing feeds, I have created my own aggregated feed: Delphi Pipe. It’s done with Yahoo Pipes and currently contains the following feeds (most important first ;-) ):

Oh and thanks Thomas Mueller for listing my feed second (;

Bug him on G+ to get added.

Later he showed how easy it is to convert your G+ stream to an RSS feed: Using Google+ as input for Yahoo Pipes.

Then how to read a CSV file (which is hosted on his site) as input to the RSS generation.


via: Delphi Pipe » twm’s blog.

8 Responses to “Delphi Pipe – Delphi related RSS feed running on Yahoo Pipes – via twm’s blog”

  1. […] dspreen on Delphi Pipe – Delphi rel… […]

  2. dspreen said

    …aaaand as expected: yahoo pipes is closing.

  3. Dennis said

    hmmm. due to the closing of the very useful Google Code service, I hardly doubt that using a very old (2007) Yahoo service is a good idea – if Google needs to shutdown some well established services I don’t think Yahoo will operate their “not so successful” services for a longer time….. instead I’d suggest adding some kind of “community moderators” to the service….

    • jpluimers said

      The moderation is keeping one CSV file alive. The piping can always become something different.

      • dspreen said

        but only as long as yahoo continues to support, and if you dare to click on the pipes blog, you’ll notice the last entry is dated Dec 2012 and contains “Earlier this year was shut down. The Pipes translate module relied on this service and has also been deprecated.” ….. I am quite sure due to the very low (=none) blog activity since the last two years, that this service isn’t maintained anymore and thus will be deprecated soon.

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