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Need to research: Yahoo Pipes (via: Chris Benard — How to Fix the RSS Feed)

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/02/11

I’m not sure how to categorize this yet, so it is both under Power User and Development/Software Development.

A long while ago (somewhere mid 2013), the official Dilbert RSS feeds got disabled.

More precisely: initially they pointed each entry in the RSS feed to an antey specific landing page that made you click through the site to browse for the comic strip. Which is understandable as they want to show you more ads than the RSS feed would.

Later they screwed up those landing pages page so you could not get to the Dilbert site any more, nor see those ads. You get to see only this:

Dilbert will be back soon! We are updating the site for you and will be back shortly. In the meantime, how about laughing at a comic or two on our sister site?

Which makes it a no-loss for Dilbert to re-create an RSS feed, as that will make you see the comics, enhancing at least the Dilbert brand value.

Of course you can go through manually, but that is outside my feed aggregator realm.

Luckily,  a few people did create some replacements or other applications (there is even a comics aggregator), and this one caught my eye: Chris Benard — How to Fix the RSS Feed.

It uses Yahoo Pipes (more info on the WikiPedia page) which is like *nix pipes for RSS, but on steroids: visual, on-line, understands many internet standards besides RSS. It gets me a lot of ideas to improve processo which approaches this kind of development fron a different angle (it is heavily dataset oriented) and started around the same time.


via: Chris Benard — How to Fix the RSS Feed.


Research needed: Anyone good in mapping JSON to HTML and pumping it into an RSS feed? ….

One Response to “Need to research: Yahoo Pipes (via: Chris Benard — How to Fix the RSS Feed)”

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