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Archive for April 1st, 2015

When Delphi documentation hurts: REST.Response.Adapter.TRESTResponseDataSetAdapter – RAD Studio API Documentation

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/04/01

A lot of the stuff on the Embarcadero docwiki hurts. For instance most of the REST stuff (I’m not calling it documentation) is just generated scaffolding. Like REST.Json.TJson.

But the TRESTResponseDataSetAdapter has some amazing documenation. About TComponent that is:

TComponent is the common ancestor of all component classes.

TComponent is the base class for all components. Components are persistent objects that have the following capabilities:

IDE integration. The ability to appear on an IDE palette and be manipulated in a Form Designer.

Ownership. The ability to manage other components. If component A owns component B, then A is responsible for destroying B when A is destroyed.

Streaming and filing. Enhancements of the persistence features inherited from TPersistent.

To assist the doc team: this is a query for all pages containing “TComponent is the common ancestor of all component classes.”. Feel free to [WayBack] QC or QP it.


via: REST.Response.Adapter.TRESTResponseDataSetAdapter – RAD Studio API Documentation.

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