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Archive for April 14th, 2015

Now that XE8 is out, some Turbo Pascal history

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/04/14

A few people asked, so below is a picture of just a piece of my books closet.

From left to right:

  1. Object Professional 1.0 manuals volume 1-3
  2. BTree Filer 5.0 manual
  3. Turbo Professional manual (from 1985!)
  4. Borland Paradox Engine 3.0 manuals
  5. Crystal Reports Developers Edition
  6. Borland Open Architecture Handbook for Pascal
  7. Turbo Pascal 5.5 OOP Guide
  8. Turbo Pascal 5.5 Reference Guide
  9. Turbo Pascal 5.5 User’s Guide
  10. Turbo Pascal Quick Reference
  11. Programming with Turbo Vision

This is only the front-left portion of one shelve. Most shelves are two deep and about 4 times as wide as what you see here (:

I have floppies somewhere in my archive too. Need to dig them up some day.



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