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Delphi books you should have or have read

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/10/08

Here is a list of books that I think any serious Delphi developer should have or have read:

  • Julian Bucknall: The Tomes Of Delphi Algorithms And Data Structures (paperback, kindle)
    • Still a classic, focussing on the why and how of algorithms. Lots of it apply even outside the Delphi field.
  • Nick Hodges: Coding in Delphi (paperback, kindle/PDF)
    • Want to learn about the newest Delphi language features? Then this book is for you. If not and still using a Delphi XE* version, then you should consider a new job.
  • Danny Thorpe: Delphi Component Design (paperback; no eBook)
    • Despite its age, it is still current: it shows you how and why many designs in the RTL are they way they are. More importantly it shows how to use these designs in your code. Even the most advanced Delphi programmers can learn a thing or two here. Many of the new RTL/VCL/FMX developers can learn far more from it.
  • Daniele Teti: Delphi Cookbook (paperback, eBook)
    • Even though it is relatively young, it is a classic example of a good how-to book with many inspiring examples on how to get a variety of things done in both regular and mobile applications.
  • Cary Jensen: Delphi in Depth: ClientDataSets 2nd Edition (paperback, PDF)
    • Although ClientDataSet is rapidly becoming obsolete in newer Delphi versions, old Delphi code benefits from ClientDataSets a lot: definitely recommended if you have to maintain an existing codebase.
  • Marco Cantù: Essential Pascal (paperback, PDF not available any more since Marco started working for Embarcadero)
  • Chris Rolliston: Delphi XE2 Foundations (paperback, kindle parts 1/2/3)
    • It covers language and non-visual things well so it is pretty version agnostic.
  • Ray Lischner: Delphi in a Nutshell (paperback, kindle)
    • It still covers the best Object Pascal language description on paper (sans modern language features like generics and anonymous methods.

There are many other Delphi books out, but most are either version specific, bound to a narrow area of topics, outdated or not well written.


One Response to “Delphi books you should have or have read”

  1. marcocantu said

    Nice list. My ebook is still there but at However, this is superseded by my Object Pascal Handbook release this year (

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