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Get the full exe path name of running processes.

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/02/03

Every once in a while, I need to see which EXE paths.

In [Wayback/Archive] this particular case, I wanted to see which [Wayback/ArchiveSpring.Tests unit tests instances of [Wayback/ArchiveSpring4D were running.

This case I needed to see which DevEnv were running (because somehow I got my .csproj bindings wrong).

Since [Wayback/Archivetasklist nor [Wayback/Archivepslist would cut it, I wrote two small batch files:

[Wayback/Archive] :

[Wayback/Archive] :

@echo off
  if [%1] == [] goto :help
  PowerShell Get-Process %* ^| Format-List Path
goto :eof
  echo Syntax:
  echo   %0 ProcessName
  echo Shows the full EXE paths of any running process with the ProcessName name.
  echo Example:
  echo   %0 DevEnv
  echo Shows the paths of running Visual Studio processes

PowerShell to the rescue here: Both batch files use the PowerShell [Wayback/ArchiveGet-Process cmdlet.

First I used [Wayback/ArchiveGet-Member to see what Get-Process could return:

PowerShell Get-Process ^| Get-Member

Then I [Wayback/Archivefiltered the Path from Get-Process to figure out which Spring.Tests processes were running:

PowerShell Get-Process Spring.Tests ^| Format-List Path

resulting in:

Path : C:\Users\Developer\Versioned\Spring4D\Tests\Bin\DelphiXE\Spring.Tests.exe

The second batch file escapes the pipe (|) by using a carret (^), so it is passed from the command-line to PowerShell.


2 Responses to “Get the full exe path name of running processes.”

  1. Since you’re using powershell, wouldn’t (gps ).path do the same?

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