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Archive for February 15th, 2016

Windows 7: you can only change the language for Ultimate and Enterprise editions – not Professional (or home)

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/02/15

It is hard to find in the Windows MUI Knowledge Center for which Windows 7 editions you can change the language. Only when you carefully read Language Packs in Windows 7, you see a table with “Availability and usage” indicating how you can get language packs. To summarize, Complete language packs are only available for:

  • Ultimate Edition
  • MSDN subscribers
  • Registered OEMs
  • Enterprises
  • Server

Virtually all UI languages are complete language packs as shown in the table under Available Language Packs.

In other words: you cannot change the UI language in Windows 7 professional as this post phrases in a much simpler way:

Unfortunately, the Multilingual User Interface (MUI) Language Packs will only work in Windows 7 Ultimate or Enterprise editions.

So of all Windows 7 Editions, only Ultimate and Enterprise allow you to change the language.

Bummer, as for all Windows 8 editions (same for 8.1 and up) allow you to change the UI language.



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Douglas Rushkoff: ‘I’m thinking it may be good to be off social media altogether’ | Technology | The Guardian

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/02/15

The media critic on the malfunctioning tech economy, digital detoxes and why Facebook is unhygenic

Source: Douglas Rushkoff: ‘I’m thinking it may be good to be off social media altogether’ | Technology | The Guardian

via Jan Wildeboer.



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