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New Book: MVVM in Delphi by John Kouraklis should be available at the beginning of november.

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/09/13

John Kouraklis last week announced a new book: MVVM in Delphi.

It will be available early november and is already listed at the APress site: MVVM in Delphi – Architecting and Building Model View ViewModel Applications [WayBack] where you can pre-order.

It’s good to see that the last years more Delphi books have been published and I hope this MVVM book falls in the more advanced category.

Since I’ve given a few Delphi MVVM talks (latest at I’m genuinely interested. So I will get this book and – time permitting – write a review.

Nick Hodges did the technical review, and since Nick’s book are great I have high hopes (:

From the APress site:

Full Description

Dive into the world of MVVM, learn how to build modern Windows applications, and prepare for cross-platform development. This book introduces you to the right mindset and demonstrates suitable methodologies that allow for quick understanding of the MVVM paradigm. MVVM in Delphi shows you how to use a quick and efficient MVVM framework that allows for scalability, is of manageable complexity, and provides strong efficiency.

One of the biggest challenges developers face is how to convert legacy and monolithic Delphi applications to the MVVM architecture. This book takes you on a step-by-step journey and teaches you how to adapt an application to fit into the MVVM design.

What you’ll learn

  • Gain the fundamentals of MVVM
  • Visualize MVVM as a design philosophy
  • Create easy-to-use frameworks for building your own MVVM applications
  • Develop a methodology for converting legacy applications to the MVVM pattern
  • Architect cross-platform and multi-lingual applications using the MVVM pattern

Who this book is for

Delphi developers with a good knowledge of Delphi or programming experience in a different language. In addition, this book is attractive to Delphi developers who want to modernize existing applications based on the MVVM design.


Table of Contents

1. MVVM as Design Pattern
2. Setting Up the POSApp
3. MVVM as Design Philosophy
4. Two-way Communication
5. MVVM and Delphi
6. Planning the Application
7. Developing the Application
8. How to Convert your App to MVVM
A. Appendix: Other MVVM Delphi frameworks


via: New Book: MVVM in Delphi… [WayBack]

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