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Archive for September 23rd, 2016

Cool: HTTPSWatch tracks the HTTPS support of prominent websites.

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/09/23

HTTPSWatch tracks the HTTPS support of prominent websites.

Source: HTTPSWatch | Global

Like on the right side.

https isn’t everywhere yet, but growing.


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How to disable your security questions at “Personal Info – Yahoo Account Settings”

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/09/23

Steps to disable the security questions in Yahoo:

  1. Logon at
  2. At the top right, click on your name, hover over your name and click “Account Info” to get to Personal Info – Yahoo Account Settings –
  3. On the left menu, click on “Account Security”.
  4. Click “Disable security questions”.

    Disable security questions - yahoo thinks they're a bad idea anyway

    Disable security questions – yahoo thinks they’re a bad idea anyway

  5. In the dialog, click “Yes, secure my account”
  6. In the next dialog, click “Close”
  7. Then verify your other security options (like phone/email recovery and two-factor logon) to enhance your security even more.


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Mac OS X – Spotlight not finding many files: force a rescan solved it

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/09/23

I was looking for some PDF files that I knew for sure were on my SSD but Spotlight would not find them. Looking for more obvious files I noticed Spotlight was returning hardly any files at all: somehow the index was messed up.

Years ago I also had Spotlight issues; then it would find nothing (now it did find some files) which was solved by a reboot: Spotlight refuses to be enabled on Lion: reboot helped.

Screenshot 2016-06-29 12.57.34

Screenshot 2016-06-29 12.57.34

Now this was right after a reboot, and because Spotlight did find some files I know Spotlight was turned on (no need for mdutil tricks mentioned in After restoring fresh HDD from Time Machine Backup: No results from Spotlight).

So I dug a bit deeper and decided to try [WayBack] Rebuild the Spotlight index on your Mac – Apple Support with these steps:

  1. Search for something that returns few results (in my case Xyzzy)
  2. Click Spotlight Preferences...
  3. Go to the Privacy tab
  4. From the Finder, drag your disk(s) to the Prevent Spotlight from searching these locations list.
  5. Remove your disk(s) from that lists using the minus (-) button.
  6. Wait for re-indexing to complete

That worked like a charm to refresh the index: it started indexing again which took about one hour.

After a few minutes though, I found back the 32pfl7404h_12_dfu_nld.pdf I was looking for.

A second time, it had lost the index to iTunes, and found it back in about 2 hours (as the SSD was much more full).

A third time, this trick from [WayBack/] Re-Index Spotlight from the Terminal, Re-Gain Valuable Time for Life [OS X Tips] | Cult of Mac worked:

sudo mdutil -E /

This basically re-indexes from the root (/) folder.

I find it easier than the above 6 steps (which are also on [WayBack/] Make Spotlight Work Again [OS X Tips] | Cult of Mac).


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Nick Hodges Joins Embarcadero as Product Management Lead

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/09/23

And the other bomb-shell: Nick Hodges Joins Embarcadero as Product Management Lead

Interesting times in the Delphi community…

And I really wonder if this affects Delphi Developer Days 2016, Nick Hodges & Cary Jensen.


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Smart Home review It’s been a few months since I replaced every switch in the…

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/09/23

For next year’s home fiddling project and a Somfy RTS hack that is not so expensive/clunky as the Somfy URTSI II.

Michael Aschenborn8:05 AM+5

I use openHAB and tasker as open source center of my home-automation. Use its bindings to knx, zwave, enocean, philipsTV, fritzbox, ifttt and network-pcs to control rollershutter, lights, multimedia, security etc.

It’s not app vs. wall-switches, thats interesting but the situative automatisation.

  • a wall switch near my bed to switch off everything in the house
  • automated rollershutter-settings if tv is switched on for not to be blinded
  • if it’s ringing at the door i can open it from my Moto 360
  • wheather-dependent automated control of my blinds saved me 500,- electricity-costs
  • led-signaling if any window is opened
  • jalousie and light-scenes instead of tons of wall-switches
  • sunlight dependent control of decorative lights in the house
  • remotecontrollabe per app, partial even per voice (“OK Google, shadow west facade”)
  • combination with nfc-tags: to enable a garden powersocket just hold your phone near to it
  • batteryless wireless enocean-wall-switches are perfect for kids loft bed or to stick it under the terrace-table

and much much more…


via: Smart Home review It’s been a few months since I replaced every switch in the….

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