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Forcing Chrome to use as search engine

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/04/14

I tried the obvious things to force Chrome on my Mac and Windows to use as search engine when searching through the address/search box (omnibox). On Windows, this works fine, but Chrome on Mac (both are linked through my gmail account) keeps insisting to use no matter what, as all these fail:

There are tons of reports on the not working (you see the domain, in that search right?).

For me, redirects to, so it does redirect, but somehow doesn’t mark it to use as default.

In Chrome, my search settings in chrome://settings/searchEngines are these:

Google (Default) search settings

Google (Default) search settings

I’ve never changed it, so it still points to {google:baseURL}search?q=%s&{google:RLZ}{google:originalQueryForSuggestion}{google:assistedQueryStats}{google:searchFieldtrialParameter}{google:searchClient}{google:sourceId}{google:instantExtendedEnabledParameter}{google:contextualSearchVersion}ie={inputEncoding}

So basically, Chrome screws up the {google:baseURL} portion and there is no way to force {google:baseURL} to a certain value as the 2008 bug 1521 was marked “wontfix” in 2010 and nobody at Google seems to care (except a Google employee wanting expense paid trips abroad).

The totally odd thing is that when I start on then search for say “Mac OS X start second atom instance”, I get to

Poor mans solution

So I’ve defined two new search engine settings:

When lets you down, force it to use

When lets you down, force it to use

In case you want to copy the text:

I’ve set the “ Simple” as my default. Makes URLs a lot simpler too.

Now if I start typing google and press the space bar, the ombibox changes from


and I can search for foo like this:

which brings me to:


Google is already in English, and I don't want

Google is already in English, and I don’t want

2 Responses to “Forcing Chrome to use as search engine”

  1. Mike Yo said

    Nice, but breaks search suggest…

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