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Mikrotik RouterOS /ip firewall address-list timeout values sort-of documented

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/07/05

Thanks to ZeroByte answering at [Answered] Where are ip firewall address-list timeout values documented – MikroTik RouterOS [WayBack] which I edited a bit here:

I haven’t seen anything specific to the format of these time tokens, but the firewall add-to-address-list timeout is documented here: … Properties…It seems to take the same format as any other similar duration-related input I’ve encountered:
  • a raw number is interpreted as seconds
You can specify a number as another duration with tokens:
  • s = seconds (default)
  • m = minutes
  • h = hours
  • d = days
  • w = weeks

A few aspects:

  • Tokens can combine be in any order
  • Whitespace is ignored

So these are all valid:

2s 2h 2w

  • Days and weeks just get added together. If you specify 1w8d, this is the same as 2w1d
  • The last value specified may be in h:m:s format or in h:m (omit seconds)
  • Interestingly, if you mix and match, they just get added:
    • “1d 2h 12:30” -> “1d 14:30:00”
  • Values larger than 536870911 seconds are stored and tracked but when displayed show as 0sec.
    (248 days, 13:13:55)
  • The maximum value is 4294967295 seconds (which is the maximum 32-bit value)
    This decodes to: 7101w3d6h28m15s as the largest value….
    (7101 weeks is ~136 years counting for leap years, by the way)


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