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Some links on Belise/Elise licensing server (yes, AppWave is dead or at least: should be)

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/08/15

Some links on the Embarcadero License Center server (formerly known as Belise and Elise) from my contributions to these G+ threads:

When for instance your workstations cannot communicate to the external license servers or you want to run concurrent Delphi/C++-Builder/RAD-Studio instances on your local network, you need to run the Elise licensing server on your network, which requires you to have a server with Java running somewhere.

URL Title [WayBackObtaining License Files – ELC [WayBackInstalling the Embarcadero License Center – ELC [WayBackDelphi, C++Builder, RAD Studio XE5 Update 2 install for network licenses [WayBackEmbarcadero License Center Setup [WayBackEmbarcadero License Server overview [WayBackLicense Server [WayBackBorland License Server – Configipedia – BMC Documentation [WayBackBorland License Server Instalation

Despite some of the documentation, it runs on more recent Windows versions too.

Not sure about the money: it’s just that a few clients of mine use it as it makes it easier to manage licenses when you switch contractors or not having various team members only use Delphi part of the time.

David Novo [WayBack] is running this setup and mentions it’s running fine on Windows 2008 Server and mentions two picky things:

  1. When installing you have to move your license file to the same folder as the installer for it to “auto-detect” it.
  2. There is some annoyance with regards to upgrading to a new version and having a given user have to upgrade their license files locally to the new version but once you know what to do that pain is fairly minor.

The IDE using ELC/Elise/Belise work best in a LAN. It has issues with VPN and can have issues with phone connections:

My delphi dies at startup in completely new way (to me) [WayBack] – Tommi Prami – Google+

  1. Socket error
  2. Access violation in coreide240.bpl
  3. Access violation at the RTLand then…
  4. Poof

More in depth info on some licensing internals (including how to re-activate after a computer-rename, and what you have to run the licensing server as a local VM) is at [WayBack] Is there any way to change the computer name without having to re-activate Delphi? – Daniela Osterhagen – Google+

  • Uwe Raabe
    +Jeroen Wiert Pluimers I was able to setup and configure it in a couple of minutes. Cannot tell about stability other than that I haven’t had any issues by now, but my setup may not be the same as the standard use case of a company.
    I opted for a Windows installation for the ELC server simply because the instructions for Windows were a merely “run ELC.exe”, while the >20 lines Linux instructions somewhat put me off.
    Most of the information can be found here: – ELC
    Any additional questions were competently answered by +Matthias Eißing from Embarcadero Germany.
  • Thomas Mueller (dummzeuch)
    Btw: Did you know that since at least Delphi XE2 the original license is preserved (as *corrupted) and if you change the computer name back and copy that license file back, the license becomes valid again?
    With Delphi 2007, such a backup is not automatically created, but if you still have a copy of the license file, the same method applies.

Edit 20180108: some more tips

Uwe Raabe commented on [WayBack] Hi, I have a question regarding the embarcadero licenses. We are a team of developers and we create industrial vision machines with Delphi/VCL in Windo… – Davide Visconti – Google+

I can think of two options you have:

  1. Install and register Delphi on each machine. This will increase your installation counter and you might have to request a bump when it exceeds the limit (usually three). The license literally allows this, but it might get somewhat tedious to bump it when needed.
  2. Switch to a Network Named License used with an ELC server. Install the ELC server in a Virtual Machine running on your laptop so that you can carry it around. Install Delphi on your laptop and on each machine as above using the slip file created by the ELC server. You have to use the same Windows user name for each Delphi instance (that’s what the Named stands for) and make sure the ELC server can be reached under its original name. There is no limit of installations with this scenario and you can run Delphi on up to three different systems simultaneously. Each Delphi instance has to connect to the ELC server at least once. After that it can be offline (i.e. no connection to the ELC server) for up to 30 days.

A “Network Named License” costs the same as a standard license, but you may need to negotiate the price for switching it. Usually you can get it for free when combined with a Subscription renewal.


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