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FrontDoor is being resurrected…

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/08/29

After 3 years silence, JoHo has managed to resurrect the DOS version of FrontDoor and blogs about it at [Areboot . defsol . com | Waiting for a call or event.

Found out via [WayBack] So, after having been asleep for some 15 years, it appears this is actually happening #frontdoor #fidonet <ht… – Joaquim Homrighausen – Google+

So I had a private chat with JoHo, where he wrote me this:

After three years of “silence”, and some 15+ years since the last code update, JoHo has appeared on the FidoNet scene once again. Having relased FrontDoor in 1986, I guess it’s safe to say he’s been around (FidoNet) longer than most people.

The biggest issue(s) seem to have been finding all the bits and pieces required to make/update FrontDoor, its utilities, as well as the long dead license key/code generator. Another issue is, of course, to find a suitable operating environment to put the pieces together in.

JoHo has stated that what used to be called the “Commercial/MultiLine” version of FrontDoor is what every future of version will be, except not so “Commercial”. You can get a free license by simply sending him an e-mail. Look at for more details.

The “Reboot” project, as JoHo calls it, will have some details released at There is also a Facebook group available for FrontDoor users.

When asked “Why are you doing this now?”, JoHo responds with “Have you ever seen ‘Finnish Swamp Wrestling’ on YouTube? There is no ‘Why’, there is only ‘Because’.”

JoHo can be reached at, seen on Twitter at @joho68. He has also applied for a new FTN-address in Zone 2. Details will follow.

Here are some more links and pictures:

Good old FidoNet logo:

                   /  \
                  /|oo \
                 (_|  /_)
                  _`@/_ \    _
                 |     | \   \\
                 | (*) |  \   ))
    ______       |__U__| /  \//
   / FIDO \       _//|| _\   /
  (________)     (_/(_|(____/
 (c) John Madil


One Response to “FrontDoor is being resurrected…”

  1. joho68 said

    And progress is being made :)

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