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Delphi code completion but more relaxed

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/08/31

From my link archive:

Both via I remember someone in this group showed a prototype of a ‘code-completion’ replacement IDE expert, which supports fuzzy matching of method names you typed [WayBack]

If I remember correctly, the Kibitz compiler started to expose less functionality around the Delphi 7 or Galileo era rendering many of the GExperts additions useless. Not sure about the current state of that now.


2 Responses to “Delphi code completion but more relaxed”

  1. rvelthuis said

    Are you sure about the Kibitz compiler? I am not even sure that Delphi 7 had a Kibitz compiler, so how can it show less functionality?

    • jpluimers said

      Kibitz has been there for a long time. Some stuff I found via my Outlook mail archive is below

      And this:


      not sure if you guys had time to play with it.

      I found another bug that used to work in D6, but does not work any more:


      1. add this (character by character) to your code:
        “procedure Parse(content: string);”
      2. compiler replacement: content->CONTEXT 3. in the proofreader, disable the correction rule 4. again add the procedure to your code
        //exp: no replacement
        //act: replacement of content->CONTEXT

      This myst be an issue in the ‘order’ of which things take place.
      don’t have energy yet to dig into this (Stefan knows why).

      Jeroen W. Pluimers – Consultant & Borland Certified Instructor “What you get is All I M” – All Information Management BV

      —–Original Message—–
      From: Jeroen W. Pluimers []
      Sent: Saturday, 27 July, 2002 10:58 AM
      To: Stefan Hoffmeister; Erik B. Berry
      Subject: D7FT3 code ProofReading works ‘sort of’


      Attached are the changed files.
      Note I included both the .dpr and .dof since you must remove
      netmasters from the required packages list (otherwise it won’t compile).

      Code Proofreading works, except when induced by a dot.
      This does work in D6, and now is broken in D7.
      Note this comment in GX_KibitzComp.pas:

      There is a bug somehow that you can reproduce as follows:
      1. Drop a TButton on a form (Button1)
      2. Double click on Button1
      3. between the begin/end pair, enter this code: ‘Buttn1.’
      (withoout quotes)
      //exp: CurrentCodeInsightManager.InvokeCodeCompletion returns ‘true’
      //act: CurrentCodeInsightManager.InvokeCodeCompletion returns’ false’
      and you get an error message indicating that the code does not
      ‘Unable to invoke Code Completion due to errors in source code’
      4. between the begin/end pair, enter this code: ‘Buttn1 ‘
      //exp: CurrentCodeInsightManager.InvokeCodeCompletion returns ‘true’
      //act: CurrentCodeInsightManager.InvokeCodeCompletion returns ‘true’
      and ‘Buttn1 ‘ gets replaced by ‘Button1 ‘

      What seems to happen is that the Kibitz compiler in D6 is not confused
      by the dot, but the D7 kibits compiler does get confused.

      I tried some tricks around this:

      • replace any InvokeTime=itTimer by InvokeType=itManual
        (does not resolve)
      • ignore the “false” result from “InvokeCodeCompletion”
        (does not resolve – the resulting symbol list is zero (0) symbols
      • don’t call “CurrentCodeInsightManager.GetCodeInsightType”
        (error message comes in a dialog, in stead of the messages pane)
      • replace “FirstChar = ‘.'” with “FirstChar := ‘ ‘”
        (error message comes in a dialog, in stead of the messages pane)

      I think the ultimate solution will be to (temporarily) replace the ‘.’
      in the code editor with a ‘ ‘, and at the end restore the ‘.’.


      Jeroen W. Pluimers – Consultant & Borland Certified Instructor “What
      you get is All I M” – All Information Management BV

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