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Need to write a proper bookmarklet for the wayback archive (:

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/09/14

Some inspiration for writing a proper bookmarklet that finds or saves a WayBack machine page:

On the last link, I was hoping that the would work but it doesn’t work for many URLs and I’m not sure yet why that is.

It has a nice tip that works though:

Another useful tip: To see the raw copy of the page without the overlay, insert im_ into the URL, so for example:


  • go-wayback:

  • wayback-undo:

  • wayback-analyse:

    javascript:if(location.href.indexOf('*')==0){h='';x=new ActiveXObject('Microsoft.XMLHTTP');W=open('','','width=500,height=300,scrollbars,resizable,status');W.status='Looking...';L=document.links;for(i=0;i<L.length;i++){if(L[i].href.lastIndexOf('http:')>1)try{'GET',L[i].href,false);x.send();r=x.responseText;h+=r.length+' - '+L[i][i].href)+'<br>';W.document.body.innerHTML=h}catch(e){}}W.status='Done'}else{alert('Go Wayback first')}void(null)

  • WayBack:



  • FreezePage:

  • WayBack:

  • WebCite (requires e-mail address at


  • WayBack:


  • WayBack:

    need to check this out

  • WayBack save:


  • WayBack liveweb:


view raw

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