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Archive for January 9th, 2018

SSLLabs security reports for some embarcadero subdomains

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/01/09

I hope this is a coincidence. Before Nick Hodges left, the TLS security of the various embarcadero https servers was increased, most from grade F. Now they might soon be grade F again.

Hopefully somebody in IT has time to take a renewed look as security needs constant attention.

I’ve only included a fraction of their sub-domains, as really this is a job for the Embarcadero IT department.


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Anonymise of data is hard, not just for now, but especially preventing future de-anonymisation

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/01/09

Two very interesting videos showing some background information as it is extremely hard to anonymise data. Not just for now, but especially against future de-anonymisation efforts.


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Some FastMM scenarios require NeverUninstall because the System unit finalizes things innitialised in other units

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/01/09

You always have to be careful  with Delphi finalization sections cleaning up things that might have not created inside the corresponding initialization section. This is especially true for the System unit.

That one actually contains this little piece of code that is being called after FinalizeUnits is called which also fianalises external memory managers like FastMM:

 if PreferredLanguagesOverride <> nil then

Which means that you will have to enable the NeverUninstall conditional define as soon as the InstHashMap has been used.

Most often that’s the case with FMX applications that heavily relies on weak references.

The same holds for PreferredLanguagesOverride which is used by SetLocaleOverride and can be worked around by performing this right at the end of the .dpr:




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Some KlikAanKlikUit links – it runs at 433 Mhz is insecure, but for lights should work fine

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/01/09

Since I’ve an old TPC-200 lying around…


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Zabbix: better “Disk space usage” graphs for Windows systems

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/01/09

The default [WayBack] Zabbix Disk space usage graph (named Disk space usage {#FSNAME}) for Windows looks like this:

Total disk space on C:

Total disk space on C:

What I want is a graph over time. Based on that, I can start working on different triggers than the default “less than 20% free space available“, for instance:

So I want graphs similar to the CPU load (in the graph itself called Processor load) graph which looks like this:

CPU load (a.k.a. Processor load) is actually graphed

CPU load (a.k.a. Processor load) is actually graphed “over time”

It is part of the Graph prototypes for the Template OS Windows discovery list Mounted filesystem discovery:

For now I’ve added this graph prototype as Line¬†chart with 95th percentile:

If that work, I can start working on the triggers:


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