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Property/event differences between Delphi forms and frames

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/08/22

From a while back, but still interesting especially because there some differences similar to base/inherited designer objects: [WayBackvcl – How to do bulk -transformation of form to frame- in Delphi? – Stack Overflow:

Observe the differences of a Form and a Frame in your project.

First the project.dpr source:

program Project1;

  Unit1 in 'Unit1.pas' {Form1},
  Unit3 in 'Unit3.pas' {Frame3: TFrame};

{$R *.res}

  Application.MainFormOnTaskbar := True;
  Application.CreateForm(TForm1, Form1);


  1. Frame as a more elaborated comment to tell the IDE which designer it should use
  2. Form can be autocreate

Dfm files:

object Form1: TForm1
  Left = 0
  Top = 0
  Caption = 'Form1'
  ClientHeight = 348
  ClientWidth = 643
  Color = clBtnFace
  Font.Charset = DEFAULT_CHARSET
  Font.Color = clWindowText
  Font.Height = -11
  Font.Name = 'Tahoma'
  Font.Style = []
  OldCreateOrder = False
  PixelsPerInch = 96
  TextHeight = 13


object Frame3: TFrame3
  Left = 0
  Top = 0
  Width = 320
  Height = 240
  TabOrder = 0

Frame does not have these properties:

  • Caption
  • ClientHeight
  • ClientWidth
  • Color
  • Font.Charset
  • Font.Color
  • Font.Height
  • Font.Name
  • Font.Style
  • OldCreateOrder
  • PixelsPerInch
  • TextHeight

Sidenote: Frame does not have these events:

  • OnCreate
  • OnDestroy

A Frame has not global variable like this:

  Form1: TForm1;

And a Frame descends from TFrame, whereas a form descends from TForm.

Note: with Frame/Form inheritence, your steps become a bit longer.


Some of these are similar to the differences you see here:


PS: Idea: make a wizard or conversion tool for this.

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